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About Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions! We look forward to hearing from you!  

We live about halfway between Ft Recovery and Union City, OH, right on the Indiana-Ohio line. We have a 5 acre farm where we train horses, breed heeler puppies, and raise freezer beef.

We were sub-contracted to run the Horseback Safari at the The Wilds, in Cumberland, OH. The Wilds is a Wildlife Conservatory that, new in 2011, is offering guided horseback safari rides next to the wild animals. It is also affiliated with the Columbus Zoo. We no longer run the Safari, but learned a great deal from it and has added to our experience with horses.

We have a red male Australian Cattle Dog, Bootstrap, is 15 years old and loves to herd the horses and cows. Boo Boo also loves to play ball and tug of war. We also have a 9 year old Australian Stumpy Cattle Dog, Tigger, that loves to trail ride with us. Sagebrush is a 4 year old puppy we kept out of our 2018 litter. She is a beautiful example of our quality dogs. We currently do not have any puppies, but please check back with us. We have also recently aquired a red heeler pupply, born 11/4/2022. Colby Jack Chinook will be learning the ropes from our awesome Bootstrap and will be Sage's new boyfriend. 

Patrick is a dealer for MacArthur Lumber. He can get fence posts, wire, insulators, etc. He also has a fence post driver and can put up your fence for you.

Lady Mary taking War Horse Snap out for a spin with her red heeler, Bootstrap

Magna-Wave PEMF Therapy is pulsed electro-magnetic frequency therapy. Patrick and his aunt, Judy Peters, are certified technicians and can help your horse or pet feel so much better. We use it on our cattle dog, and on all of our equines to relax and oxygenate their cells so they feel better. You can find out more at

The Star N Farm currently has 22 equines. An Arabian,  3 Icelandic mares, 2 Icelandic geldings, 2 Icelandic stallions. a Percheron/paint mare, a Percheron/QH rescue, 2 Fjord Stallions, 5 Fjord mares, one American Saddlebred mare, a Suffolk punch cross mare (warmblood) and a quarter horse. We train saddle seat, hunt seat, starting jumping, western, reining, cattle sorting, driving, contesting, gymkhana, trail riding, jousting, and any thing else that has to do with a horse. We specialize in bomb-proofing or de-spooking horses. We have ridden in parades, real life jousting, wild west shows, etc.

Star N Farm works closely with Hole in the Wall Farm, LLC. Hole in the Wall Farm, LLC, is an animal rescue located in Xenia, Ohio. We also work with Combatant's Keep for our jousting and wild west shows. Many of ours and Combatant's Keep's horses are rescues that we work with and give them jobs for a more full filling life.

We are advisors for the Silver Hoofs 4-H Club. We are also members of the Miami Valley Mounted Search & Rescue Team, the Darke County Horse Committee of which Mary is Vice-President for, Darke County Farm Bureau Board Member, Ohio Farm Bureau Equine Advisory Team, American Farm Bureau Equine Advisory Team, Combatant's Keep, and were on the OFBF Young Agricultural Professional Team which Mary was Secretary of.  We are members of the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry, Midwest Fjord Horse Club, Unites States Icelandic Congress, SIRIUS (Ohio based Icelandic club),  Ohio Horseman's Council, Three Rivers Horse Trails, Miami Valley Hunt and Camargo Hunt Club and the Farm Bureau. We give all our own shots and regularly de-worm our equines. 

Patrick currently works for Jeff Martin Farms of Greenville, OH, driving truck and hauling grain as well as grain farming for his wife. Mary currently works as a Lead Pharmacy Technician for Kroger and is a Nationally Certified Technician and Ohio Certified Pharmacy Technician. Both are 2000 graduates of Ohio State University Agricultural Institute with Associate of Applied Science degrees; Patrick in Power Equipment and Mary in Horse Production and Management. In addition, during the 2011 summer both of us worked at the Horseback Safari at The Wilds. Patrick also trains horses, helps run live nativity scenes during Christmas time, helps Hole in the Wall Farm with camel rides and carriage rides, and raises contract freezer beef. Patrick does most of the training of the horses. Mary worked for 2 World Champion Saddlebred barns, Taylor Creek Stables in Michigan and Stillwater Valley Farm in Springboro, OH.

Patrick competed in a large jousting tournament in Taylor, Texas. What a great experience! We met jousters from all over the world including France, Norway, Australia, and Canada along with several states from USA. Patrick and Diego jousted against Sarah Hayes, the Australian Jousting Champion, and tied scores with her! Along with Thom and Kim Nader of Combatant's Keep, the 2012 Lysts on the Lake, Lonestar Open Tournament was an amazing experience.  They are both competitors of The International Series, a unique mounted martial equestrian gaming competition. There Sir Patrick competes in jousting tournaments throughout the summer and both Mary and Patrick compete in the equestrian martial games with their horses. The last weekend in April is our first joust of the year at the Ashville Viking Festival in Asheville, OH. We are also jousting 9 weekends straight at the Ohio Renaissance Festival in September-October with Combatants Keep. Come see us! 

Don't forget to come see us at the Great Darke County Fair! 

If you are interested in donating any money or goods to the farm for the upkeep of the animals, especially the rescues, please contact us on either our guest book page or on our contact page and we will be more than happy to work with you.

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Patrick is also a DK Saddlery representative and saddle fitter. DK saddles are adjustable tree saddles; they can be adjusted to fit an Icelandic, an Arab to a draft horse. We can confirm this as we own 5 western saddles, 4 dressage and 3 English saddles and share it between all our various equines. Patrick can help you get the saddle you want/need as well as adjust the saddle as your equine's muscles grow to help keep you and your equine happy. You can find out more at

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